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Supporting Successful She-E-O’s from Scale Up to Succession Plan

Growth vs scale.


Do you know the difference? Growth is where an Entrepreneur generates additional revenue by adding additional resources such as more people or more premises to achieve more sales.

By contrast, Scale is where you increase revenue without needing to significantly increase resources or costs to achieve more sales.

But how do you Scale Up your Business?

strategies for scale.


Every Business has an Enterprise Value, which is what their business is worth if it was acquired.  The mission of The Scale Up Hub is to increase your Enterprise Value so you can sell your business for its maximum value when you implement your exit strategy.  Often Entrepreneurs get so focussed on their top line revenue, that they implement strategies that do make more sales but the cost of doing so has eradicated the gain, so their profit margin remains the same or in some cases, reduces.

That’s where scale up strategies come in!

In The Scale Up Hub we work with Female Entrepreneurs that want to increase their Enterprise Value so that they can sell their Business for more money when they want to implement their Exit Strategy.

But how do we do this?

We offer a four stage process to scaling up your business with your succession plan in mind.

Stage 1 – We get clear on your Exit Strategy.

Stage 2 – We ensure your business is prepared for scale or a sale of your business and implement 9 strategies that scale up your business and increase your Enterprise Value.

Stage 3 – We help you sell your Business successfully using our Sell Your Business Hub service.

Stage 4 – We support you through the transition from being a Business Owner into your next adventure.



clear on your exit strategy

scale up strategies

steps to sell your business


focused on your next adventure

when women support women amazing things happen

– The Scale Up Hub

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